Shootin’ Gallery™ Motorized Rimfire Metal Target

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Product Description

The Innovative Moving Target System!

The Shootin’ Gallery’s™ combination of an endless supply of moving targets and interactive confirmation of shot placement will bring grins to your face and the face of the future shooter alike.

The Shootin’ Gallery™ is the first of its kind: an affordable, portable, motor-driven, interactive system that allows you to shoot a steady stream of moving targets with a rimfire firearm at your shooting range or in your backyard. The design of the gallery gives you a never-ending supply of fresh targets – targets that are hit fall over, only to re-emerge from the side of the gallery!The Gallery includes a rechargeable battery and charger that power a motor which drives targets left-to-right across the length of the gallery. The hardened steel front plate is designed to withstand hits from .22LR standard velocity ammunition.

ammunition and safety glasses not included

Get your trigger finger ready for fast-paced shooting action with Caldwell’s Shootin’ Gallery!

  • The 2″ diameter targets topple when hit and reset automatically
  • Targets travel left-to-right
  • Includes rechargeable battery and recharger
  • Weighs approx 55 pounds for easy transportation
  • Great for practicing shooting at moving targets
  • Runs 4 to 6 hours on a single charge
  • Rated for .22 rimfire, standard velocity
  • Great way to get beginners interested in shooting


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Product Specifications

  • Size/Dimensions 35.5” Lx12.7H” x14.3” W.
  • Weight approx 55 lbs.
  • Runtime  4-6 hours
  • Battery Rechargeable 12 volt, sealed lead acid (included)
  • Charger Wall charger included
  • Ammunition Rating .22 rimfire, standard velocity
  • Min shooting distance 75 feet
  • Targets Eight 2-inch steel targets included
  • Disclaimer The gallery is intended for use only with standard velocity .22 rimfire cartridges at a distance of 75 feet. The warranty on the Shootin’ Gallery does not cover damage to the gallery resulting from the use of high-velocity rimfire ammunition, including high-velocity .22 Long Rifle ammunition, .22 Magnum, or any .17 caliber rimfire cartridges.

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Product FAQs

Can I shoot other caliber ammunition, like .17HMR at the Shootin’ Gallery?
No, the gallery is only rated for .22 rimfire, standard velocity.

Can I replace the targets?
Yes, the targets are easily replaceable. They are connected to the drive chain with target connectors using a connector pin and cotter pin. The item number for a four pack of targets, connector pins and cotter pins is 344000.

How Long will my Shootin Gallery Run before I have to recharge the battery?
When fully charged the battery will opperate the Gallery for four to six hours. Extreme cold weather will decrease the run time. Additional batteries are available see item number 1000545.

Will I have to assemble the Shootin Gallery?
Yes, assembly is required but detailed instructions with good quality photograghy are included.

Can I use an airgun to shoot the Gallery?
No, Certain airgun projectiles may create potential for a ricochet hazard.


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