#512, 22BR, 6.8 Rem SPC, 7.62×39 50 ct. Ammo Box (Must order in Multiples of 10)

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Frankford Arsenal is one of the world's leading brands of metallic reloading equipment.

Product Description

This plastic ammo box makes organizing ammunition simple Available in 2 different colors and twelve different sizes to fit most calibers. Our system allows you to get organized and stay organized! Our ammo boxes fit a full variety of calibers, often many more than the description allows for.  

 Go to Specifications to see an ammo box fit chart.

Label and organize your reloaded ammo by downloading the reloading label template here (compatible with Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels). Simply print off the blank form on an Avery label sheet and fill it out by hand, or fill them out on the computer beforehand and print them.

1 review for #512, 22BR, 6.8 Rem SPC, 7.62×39 50 ct. Ammo Box (Must order in Multiples of 10)

  1. Joshua Denny

    These are the best ammo boxes I have found. There is no protruding latch (like the competition’s products), so they stack easier and more level.

    I took a star off for two reasons: The #512 (and it seems to only be this model number) are not completely level, so they lean to the right when stacked (which I realize is contradictory to the above comment), and I am disappointed that the boxes are only available in gray & blue. Several years ago they were available in: gray, blue, red, green, and orange. I liked the variety and also it offered more versatility in ammo storage since the boxes fit multiple calibers.

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