Caldwell® Accumax AR-15 Barrel Cooler

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From targets and target stands to Rock Solid shooting rests, Caldwell has all your range equipment needs.

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Product Description

  • Cools your barrel in half the time
  • Fits any Mil-Spec AR-15
  • High pressure fan with dual motor bearings for long life
  • Integral wind tunnel directs air
    through the chamber
  • Powered by 12v Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 3-4 hour run time per charge

Notice for California consumers:
⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

2 reviews for Caldwell® Accumax AR-15 Barrel Cooler

  1. Commander Cody

    This fan works great for cooling down your barrel during the range going cold to inspect and change out your targets. Lasts all day without having to recharge the batteries. As a range officer, I would like one thing to be addressed that there be some noticeable color added to this product. When our range goes cold, we require all magazines removed and bolts/cylinders open for inspection. When this barrel cooler is installed, it’s hard for the range officer to see clearly that the firearm has been made safe as it looks as if there still is a magazine installed. Some bright yellow or red stick-on tape included with the barrel cooler would make it much easier to see that it is not a installed magazine.

  2. Mike

    I generally shoot AR benchrest Tactical class at our gun club. 10 rounds for record, 8 minutes to complete, 2 bullseye targets 5 rounds each. The open class uses 5 and up power scopes, they have 6 record targets and 2 sighter targets, unlimited sighters and one round per target, 8 minutes to complete. Many complained that after1/2 through the course of fire, the rounds walk vertically. I and another retired militray observe them and see if anything obvious is the problem. Nothing to assign blame, checking thier barrel for just 10 to 15 rounds they are “Hot”. I shot my string and put my Accumax in and before they even stgarted pulling targets it was cool to a babies touch. After the second course of fire (1 warmup target, 4 for record ((scored)) targets). Second run after I shot and put the Accumax in and cooled my barrel, the last person to finish, I went to her aand asked if she minded. I put it in and turned it on, 10 minutes later after the had pulled targets, put up new ones and scored the cards; I grabbed the barrel and it was like it had never been shot. I removed it, went to my station and prepared for round 3, shot my string, and inserted the Accumax. When the other shooter looked at her scores, she never walked the dog, out of 6 record targets and 2 sighters she was 9 out of 10 in the 10 ring and 7 x counts best she shot . Round 4 she shot regular, no cooling, and 6 out of 10, in the 10 ring and 2 x’s. We had 8 participants and they all wanted to check it out and ask where I got it.

    Quality, acts as a clear chanber flag, and help prevent wear and tear on our AR. I hope the build one for the AR-10 by Armalite, it is my F-Class 600 – 1000 yard matches. We shoot from 20 at 300 and 40 at 600, 3 dards, no warmup, but unlimited sighters as long as you are done by the time expires, sighters are at your discression. I would highly reccomend this to anyone with an armalite, and those with a floorplate for a magazine, contact them and fi they plan to make one . May seem like a cool guy toy, befinately an AR cooling rifle accessory you will rave about.

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Product Specifications

12v Li-ion battery

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