Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

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The folks at Wheeler Engineering are committed to meeting the expectations of all gunsmiths- professional, amateur and student alike.

Product Description

  • Precision machined unit
  • Designed in install, un-install or adjust front and rear dovetail sights
  • Fully captures and supports slide so it won’t deform
  • Works on all semi auto pistols
  • Large 4 post drive knob to easily push the sight
  • Reference marks for precise adjustments

Notice for California consumers:
⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

5 reviews for Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

  1. Mike Burnett

    Worked flawlessly changing the sight on my Kimber Custom II. Worth the money. This is a well made tool, I believe it will last for a lifetime.

  2. Sean Burdick

    Had been considering another universal sight tool for a couple years but the price kept me from purchasing. I picked this up to work on the sights of my Springfield pistols and swapped out the factory sights on my XDs. I was skeptical after reading everywhere online that only gunsmiths should work on Springfield sights due to how difficult they can be but this worked. It did take A LOT of force to break the factory sights free…and I did bend the front sight getting it out, but once they move it’s much easier. Definitely follow the directions, use masking tape on the side of the slide, and make sure the slide is placed exactly straight in the tool and you’ll be fine. This should make sight work on any other brand of semi-auto pistol extremely easy.

  3. Patrick Saunders

    Flat out the best sight tool ever! I’ve used others and the Wheeler sight tool out does all of them and actually makes changing sights very quick. This is a precision tool and is built extremely well i.e. very easy to keep the slide centered perfectly.

  4. T A DeVane III

    I bought this to remove and replace the rear low mount sights on two 1911’s. I like everything about this sight pusher except the “feet” that come in contact with the rear sight. They are too wide and rounded by design to gain enough purchase on the sides of most 1911 sights I’d like. I realize it’s a “universal” pusher.

    • nmaglio

      You can use both sides of the pusher if you rotate 180 deg you can also use the outsides of the pusher for different pushing surfaces.

  5. John.VanDyke (verified owner)

    Excellent sight pusher, especially considering the cost vs features. I’ve replaced a bit more than a dozen sights so far and It works great every time. From 1911s to Glocks it handles any shape and style of both slide and sight.

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