Best Bore Brush™

Best Bore Brush™

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The folks at Tipton are here to help and they want to remind you that no shooting session is complete until the guns are properly cleaned.

Product Description

We believe that the Tipton® Best Bore Brushes™ are the finest brushes ever offered. They meet or exceed military specifications and are designed to satisfy the shooter who wants the best tools to maintain his or her guns. The components of Tipton® Best Bore Brushes™ will not scratch or in any way harm the finest bore. The core is a single piece of brass wire that passes through the threaded brass coupler, guaranteeing that the core will never separate from the coupler in the barrel. Bristles are made from high-quality bronze, which is much softer than barrel steel but more than aggressive enough to scour away lead fouling, copper fouling, and powder residue. Each brush contains the maximum number of bristles that can be inserted for the caliber. 20% more than standard brushes! You will feel the difference. Because of their density we recommend that Tipton® Best Bore Brushes™ only be used with a quality one-piece rod and and an appropriate bore guide.


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Product Specifications

  • 17 Caliber
  • 20 Caliber
  • 22 Caliber
  • 243 / 6mm Caliber
  • 25 / 6.5mm Caliber
  • 270 / 7mm Caliber
  • 30 / 32 Caliber
  • 338 / 8mm Caliber
  • 35 / 9mm Caliber
  • 375 Caliber
  • 40 / 416 Caliber
  • 44 Caliber
  • 45 Caliber
  • 50 BMG Caliber

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