Delta Series AR-15 Adjustable Receiver Link

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Product Description

The AR-15 Adjustable Receiver Link will quickly become your go-to-tool when performing routine cleaning operations or making those anticipated performance upgrades.

The Adjustable Receiver Link is designed to maintain and secure the opened position of your AR-15 upper and lower assembly. The kit comes with one upper link and two threaded lower links (one short, one long) to provide a total adjustment of approx. 3/4″. The upper link utilizes an integral pin to engage the upper receiver and the threaded lower portion utilizes the existing lower takedown hole and pin.

The short lower link provides a minimum opened position of 1.2″ pin to pin, enough room to insert a bore guide, and the maximum opening is 1.5″ from pin to pin. The longer threaded link will provide a minimum opening of 1.4″ and a maximum opening of 1.8″ from pin to pin.

All three components are constructed of corrosion resistant plated steel. The precise tolerances and durable materials will ensure years or reliable service from this handy device.

Notice for California consumers:
⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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Product Specifications

  • Installation :
  • 1. Determine which threaded lower link is needed for your particular application and thread it into the Upper Link. A minimum of three revolutions of thread engagement is recommended.:
  • 2. Position your AR lower into a secure holding device. We recommend the Delta Series AR-15 Mag Well mounted to a Tipton Best Gun Vise. (Photo):
  • 3. Depress the rear takedown pin and open the receiver forward.:
  • 4. Install the Receiver Link engaging the hinge pin boss of your AR Upper Receiver. (Photo):
  • 5. Make the desired length adjustments to the Lower Link and align it with your lower receiver takedown pin and press the pin fully through the lower.:

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