Foam Microphone Cover, EMAX

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Product Description

Single Foam Microphone Cover, for one side of EMAX hearing protection

2 reviews for Foam Microphone Cover, EMAX

  1. ROBERT FEDOR (verified owner)

    Original covers only lasted 6 months. I hope this pair lasts longer at $1.00 apiece and almost $6.00 shipping. The site doesn’t indicate that it is for 1 cover only (doesn’t show a picture) when it has 2 microphones. Good headset for the money but the microphone covers and cost of replacements really sucks.

    • nmaglio

      Sorry about that we will get the description updated as for the picture we are not able to keep up with taking pictures of all the service parts. No shipping cost has been taken care of we have recently rolled out free shipping on all orders!

  2. Mike B

    Love the EMAX; bought a second pair. Windscreen foam disintegrated before long. Maybe UV damaged? Buy in multiples of TWO – you are getting one, not two, covers for a dollar. Hopefully free shipping is here to stay, otherwise not worth it. Look on Amazon for a hard case, as Caldwell does not offer one.

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