Tipton Felt Cleaning Pellets

MSRP: $13.99

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The folks at Tipton are here to help and they want to remind you that no shooting session is complete until the guns are properly cleaned.

Product Description

Our Felt Cleaning Pellets are manufactured from heavy felt. These pellets remove dirt and lead residue from the barrel, but they do not take the place of a thorough cleaning with a rod. With regular use they will help maintain accurate performance.

  • Compressed felt pellets .17-.50 cal
  • Pellets are tough and durable for superior cleaning and are easier to use than patches
  • Each pack includes 1 caliber-correct nickel plated jag
  • Available in a multi-caliber pistol kit with assorted pellets and jags
  • Provides more consistent fit in lands and grooves of rifling for superior cleaning