Wheeler Replacement Bits

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Item Number: Category: Screwdriver Sets & F.A.T. Wrench
The folks at Wheeler Engineering are committed to meeting the expectations of all gunsmiths- professional, amateur and student alike.

Product Description

Replacement bits for Wheeler Engineering Screwdriver Sets.

3 reviews for Wheeler Replacement Bits

  1. John

    Am an apprentice gunsmith and bought the 89 piece set to cover everything I have or expected to encounter. So far the set has not disappointed. Hardest thing is to select which bit I need from the selection of bits. This set was recommended to me by my mentor and teacher, and I have not looked back since I got it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Michael G. Binkie

    I live in Alaska, having a very hard time ordering replacement bits. How do you do that? Other than that, I’m very satisfied with the tool.

  3. David Ladd

    The first time I tried to use bit # 152-854 the tip just broke off with just a very slight pressure.

    • nmaglio

      Occasionally this can happen but contact customer service and we will warranty that for you.

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